Best Women’s Welding Helmets + Top Picks

Welding Helmets just for Women-2020

Women’s welding Helmets are needed to female works to start any kind of welders’ work. The Men and women are no longer different from any kind of work field. Women’s work from home cooking to space exploration. They are contributing to all field’s day after day. At this moment, around 5% of women are involved in weld. We know that there are some differences in the structure of women and men due to natural causes, e.g., the size of men’s feet is a little bigger than their feet. Similarly, the shape of their head is a little smaller.

And that’s why their helmets are a little too smaller than men’s. This is the main difference between men and women. If you wish for take up a profession, you should read the following topics.

How much is their salary? How is the field of work? When do women enter this field? What kind of helmet can girls use? Where is it available? When did it start to be used? Find out more what is the size and graphics of womens welding helmet?

Can Females be Welders?

Even after the Second World War, girls were not much involved in this sector, but in the evolution of time, women were seen to be involved.

Do you notice what percentage of women welder work in this sector?

On the report of the U.S., The Department of Labor directly 5 percent employs female welders in the United States. They hope that more women will participate in a short time. You need to know more about your wage.

Where Do Welders Work?

There are also a lot of job opportunities here that anyone can work on. As stated in BLS in the USA, most of the welder’s work in construction companies. Workers may have to work indoors or outdoors. It depends on the company and the type of work. After all, we mentioned below some sector of welder works.

  1. Construction.
  2. Industrial Maintenance and Repair.
  3. Automobile Manufacturing and Repair.
  4. Electrical Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution.
  5. Natural Gas Distribution.
  6. Pipeline Transportation and more.
Women's Welding Helmets
Women's Welder

How Much Do Female Welder Salary?

Cutters, Welders, and Solderers earn more than $40,000 a year, according to federal statistics. Skilled workers are paid more.

Risks of Welding

There is no work where there is no risk. Howsoever, there are special risks for special work. But while welding work is risky, there are various it’s equipment to keep safe your body.

Health Risks of Welding

Exposure to welding gases can cause a variety of cancers, including lung damage. You may have stomach ulcers, kidney damage, and damage to the nervous system.

Welders Safety Equipment

  • 1st Safe your Eyes & face by helmet, hand shield, goggles.
  • 2nd safe your Lungs by Respirators. It protects fumes & oxides.
  • 3rd safe your body skin by Fire or Flame resistant clothing and aprons.
  • 4th safe your Ears by Ear muffs & ear plugs.
  • and last one safe Feet and hands by Boots & glove. Check our Safety Equipment list.


What is the Helmet?

A helmet is like the shape of a head made of metal or plastic which keeps our head safe and secure.

What is the Helmet Made of?

Most of the helmets are consisting of resin or plastic, whichever may be strengthened with fibers like aramids. But welding helmets include window covers made of tinted glass, tinted plastic, or a flexible-thickness screen made from a combination of polarized lenses.

Types of Helmets!

As the type of work changes over time, so does the use of machinery. As the trend of development peaked towards the 20th century, its use and change were seen.

In the case of athletic and professional applications, it has undergone extensive changes. During World War I, the French, British, and Germans used the Brodie helmet, the Brodie helmet, the Stahlhelm helmet for their soldiers.

Different types of helmets are available in the market such as cricket, ICE hockey, baseball, camouflage, harling, rock climbing construction, mining, remote police, fighter pilots, motorcycles, bicycles, and welding helmets.

Difference Between Men and Women Welding Helmets!

You should know what is the difference between men and women welding helmets? I’m talking to companies that supply different welding helmets. They say there is no difference, but there is a slight difference in structure.

However, it must be remembered that our creation has created some differences between men and women. And because of this congenital shape difference, there are some differences in everything from our hands and feet.

Not only that, but girls also have smaller heads than boys. I have shown that only the structural aspect is left and the preferred aspect. Boys don’t like the colors that girls like.

Women's Welding Helmets!

I’ll just talk about only one part of welders’ equipment that is women’s auto darkening welding helmets. It’s the best helmet which is safe only your head and face not any other places in your body.

Assyrian soldiers began using the first helmet in 900 BC. It was around, made of thick leather or bronze. They used it on the battlefield to protect their heads.

At the present time, its use is increasing day by day, starting from general work to various sports and construction work.

When it was made of resin and plastic in 1990, its use increased in fields just as football, cricket, baseball, rock climbing, and ice hockey. It is also widely used in risky jobs for instance construction, riot police, fighter pilots, and transportation.

Women's Welding Helmets
Women's Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Womens Welding Hood Size & Graphics!

Now let’s talk about the size and graphics of girls’ helmets. I went to the market to find girls’ welding helmets. The welding helmet that the shopkeeper gave me was all sizes, XXS, XS, S, and M.I asked the shopkeeper what is one reason? He told me that women’s heads are a little smaller than men. So, there is no reason why women’s welding hoods are too small.

In the current market, various companies provide women’s welding hoods which can be used by females. They make these for girls in different colors and sizes of their heads.

Female Welding Helmet Brands

They have created four types of helmets for four distinct designs for females, skull jewels, wild-n-pink, steel rose, and steel eyes. 

Antra, 3M, Dekopro, Yeswelder, Eekware other than that and similar female welding helmets are brought in the market. You can easily work professionally by matching the size of your head. Most women welding hoods have dark shades (8 through 12) and 6.05 square inches viewing area. 


All-female welding helmets have outstanding optical aspects. It has light to darkening switching systems to maintains and acutely cheap price. All the manufacturers to design it only for women. Most of the female welding can be used for the largest welding processes like MIG, MMA, and different TIG Applications. 

Working side by side with men in the workplace can help girls and the country’s economy side by side. Especially the participation of girls in welding work is very low. And with this in mind, various companies have introduced female welding helmets for women to increase their participation in welding.

Women are usually reluctant to do welding work due to insecurity. This is why the participation of women in the world of welding is low. Anyhow, the present, various companies, and their safety equipment are being prepared as the girls are learning.

Female welding helmets can be used from anti-level to like hobbyists, farmers, maintenance in a very easy way and also used in heavy construction.


In the end, we have to keep pace with the times. The current demand for women’s welding is very high. And women are half of the total population and if they do not participate in this sector will be left behind. Women are in high demand in this welding business which is not less than men. And considering the overall aspect, different companies are also bringing accessories used for women’s welding to the market.