safety equipment for welder

Best Safety Equipment For Welding; Must Wear?

Best Safety Equipment For Welding

Are you a welder? Looking for safety equipment for welding job. Then this article is just for you. This section only discusses welders protection tools.

Welding work can present a series of risks that compromise the welder’s health. And if the necessary measures are not taken and if all the corresponding equipment is not used to safeguard their well-being.

That is why today we tell you about personal safety equipment and some recommendations to take to carry out a welding job as safely as possible.

Individual safety equipment

Welding mask

Masks designed for welding provide complete protection to the most vulnerable areas; eyes, face, and neck. This is one of the most important items in protective equipment since infrared radiation can burn the retina of the eye.

Respiratory masks

These masks are always used under the welding mask to protect the breath from metallic fumes that can harm health. They should be replaced once a week.

Welding gloves

Made with special insulating materials for this activity and musketeer cut, they protect hands and wrists from burns.

Leather apron

A leather apron will protect from splash, particles, and arc rays, so it is essential to protect the rest of the body.

Safety shoes and hat

Safety shoes and the hat, as well as in different manufacturing or storage processes, are important to protect the integrity of the feet and head. As they are also vulnerable points for burns.

Leggings and leather jackets

When welding in vertical and overhead positions, these safety items should be used to avoid injuries and burns caused by molten metal, as it tends to be more volatile.

Vision protection equipment for welding

As we mentioned earlier, sight is an essential but very sensitive part of the body and is susceptible to burns when working with welding. Receiving molten metal splashes can cause irreversible damage to the eyes. That is why the instructions to protect the eyes of a welder are usually much more detailed:

  • Use protective lenses made of inactinic glass with the correct density for the type of welding to be carried out.
  • These lenses should fit snugly and be the correct size so that they are not loose.
  • Whenever the glass protection is damaged or deteriorated, it must be replaced so as not to compromise its effectiveness.

Recommendations for welders

To keep yourself always protected when carrying out a welding job, remember to follow the following recommendations:
  • Make sure your clothes are made of cotton and not some synthetic material.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts.
  • Wear long pants.
  • Try not to wear loose, worn, or torn clothing.
  • Before each use, check all your protective equipment to make sure they are in good condition.
  • Keep your clothes free of fats and oils.
  • Do not keep matches, lighters, or flammable materials in your pockets while you are welding.
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