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Best Huntsman Welding Hoods – Top Picks

Today we hit upon a plan that we will write a full review about all the series of Huntsman welding hoods but by turns.  All the Huntsman welding hoods are made in the USA. So all the products have separate UNSPSC codes.

The first and foremost features of the Huntsman’s welding hood is the coolest, lightweight, the largest viewing screen, and durable. And then you will get both fixed hade and auto darkening welding helmets. 

We know that you have known more details as regards this Huntsman’s helmet. The helmet of Huntsman is suitable for welding nearby high heat.

Its shell is made of vulcanized fiber. Put it on the head then you will feel comfortable. The filter plate of the hoods has been able to meet the standard safety.

To read the complete review though you will understand how many huntsman helmets are necessary for each welder. In our catalog are the best huntsman series’ welding hoods.

Now we are going to the full review of the huntsman welding helmet. 

Here is the list of the Best Huntsman Welding Hoods!

Huntsman - W20 490P Fiber Shell Welding Helmets


Key Features

Review of Huntsman Welding Hood

We are sure that what you’re looking at here are Jackson Huntsman welding hoods that have 10 fixed shades filters. The Hood of Huntsman price is very cheap, buy it only under $100 in the online market.

You can’t see any date of this product description but we will try to give you an exact description of it. The shell of the helmet is made of ten percent recycled fiber.

You can change quickly its slide filter plate from a clear state to weld so this fiber shell welding helmet is ideal for small places.

Other hand, the device is neither suited for damp environments nor suited for overhead welds. Put on the helmet, welding continuously as it’s high heat resistant.

In the last, you should better believe it the Huntsman welding helmet is really comfortable for cooling welding. We think overall it’s just an awesome piece for welding.

400 Series Huntsman Welding Helmet - Plastic Lift Front


Key Features

Review of 400 Series Welding Helmets

In the second part of the review of Huntsman welding hoods, we have picked up the 400 Series Welding Helmets.

We should have written at first that it is not only a passive welding hood but also an auto darkening welding hood, but to convert it into auto darkening, you need to set up an auto darkening filter that size is 2×4 in.

It’s headgear will set up very well on your head and its flip lens could help you to see the clear view for grinding, to hope that it’s a really good helmet for welding tasks.

It has a big window for maximum visibility for the work area. The viewing size of it is not less than 24 square inches. Then the headgear has a slide glass holder that can flip quickly to touch the finger on the holder.

We can say that it is another Huntsman welding helmet that does allow work in high heat environments. So, it is high time to check the latest price of it. Check now by clicking on 400 Series Welding Helmets.

Huntsman 951p Welding Helmet Fixed Shade


Key Features

Review of Huntsman 951P Welding Helmets

We have our own welding hood at the workshop, which is a passive welding hood. We had bought from the online market, the name of its brand is the Huntsman. The type of helmet is passive.

This passive welding helmet is 13.58 inches in height, 8.18 inches in length and width is 9.58 inches. The Huntsman 951p is made of Nylon and has 10 green colors shades and its shell is made of Thermoplastic.

In addition, it has the largest viewing window, the width is 4.5 inches and its length is 5.25 inches. The weight is only 13.1 ounces but durable and washable. For the above-mentioned features, some welders prefer passive welding helmets to auto-darkening welding helmets.

Huntsman 490P, Passive Welding Helmet, 117a Headgear


Key Features

Review of Huntsman 490P Welding Helmets

In this section, we will mention the main features of the HUNTSMAN, 14532, 490P 2″ X 4-1/4″ Quick-Slide holder & 117A Headgear.

We are sure that all the Huntsman series welding helmets are made in the USA. The color of the shell is black and it has a quick slide front filter.

In the same way, the manufacturer has made its shell of vulcanized fiber so that by putting it on the head, you feel comfortable and cool.

Huntsman welding helmet, 951p shape is round. We had bought it for our workshops use. My father bought it for under $100, so this passive welding hood price is cheap.

Otherwise, the weight of the vulcanizing fiber is light hence the huntsman 490p stylist welding helmet is also super lightweight.

The important advantage of this passive welding helmet is, put it on the head then you can weld in high heat environments and small spaces without any risk.

For the above-mentioned features, we like the Huntsman 490p welding helmet very much.

HUNTSMAN 451P Passive Welding Helmet


Key Features

Review of Huntsman 451P

We always write a good review of welding helmets for sale through Amazon. We try to write down here the exact data which is included by the manufacturer in their product description.

But it is true that you won’t get any exact reviews online. In this case, we are going to describe all features of the Huntsman 451P welding hood that are really true.

The Jackson safety family, black welding helmet’s shell has been designed with vulcanizing fiber.

The fiber is very light so the helmet weight is also lightweight and to wear it you will feel so relax and comfortable in the period of the task. 

In the especially feature of it, the user feels cool when wearing the Huntsman 451P helmet. 

The type of the helmet is passive and the price of this passive welding helmet is not more than $100.

Huntsman 451P is the high heat-resistant hood which is one of its good features. Most products are purchased online believing in customer ratings, so you should go there now. This is the Hartman 451p customer rating page.

HUNTSMAN 451P Vulcanized Fiber Welding Hood


Key Features

Review of Hardhat, 451P Vlnzd Fb Hlt

The shell of the huntsman 451P welding hoods is made of vulcanized fiber. So, this helmet shell is heavy duty and durable also lightweight.

It has 2 locks, Zahnlok, and a ratchet system. This ratchet system helps to adjust the size of your head for this reason the hood can fit your head.

The frame of the window builds with aluminum and the size of the window is 4 1/4 inches by 5 1/4 inches.

The viewing space of this huntsman’s welding hood is really big. Now you should have more details about the passive welding helmet.

Huntsman - 411P Aluminum Rigid Holder and Headgear


Key Features

Review of Huntsman - 411P Welding Hood- Aluminum Rigid Holder & Headgear

At the beginning of the article, we were told that we will write about huntsman welding hoods on and on. That is why we come back again here to lay down the topic.

We are putting forward to write down the HUNTSMAN – 411P 2 X 4-1/4 ALUMINUM RIGID HOLDER and 117A HEADGEAR.

The manufacturer of the Jackson Safety 411P Fiber Shell Welding Helmet is Kimberly-Clark Corporation. The producer uses such a fiber content of its shell that is 10% recyclable.
The welder feels very comfortable putting on the head because this welding helmet is very cool and lightweight.

The common feature of the huntsman welding hood is a heavy-duty and very hardy Fiber Shell.
Fixed front with aluminum frame filter plate holder The fixed shade front of the welding helmet is made of aluminum and its filter plate holder also.

Before buying this huntsman fixed shade welding helmet you should read the main product description.

There is more information about Jackson Safety 411P Fiber Shell Welding Helmet’s Features.

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