About Us

Do you want to know about us? WeldersHelmet is a resource, product review, buying guide, – where you will find the best product information on some proven ways to buy the best welder’s machine and its accessories.

In addition, the website publishes news about welding, tips and tricks, and reviews of welding products. Not only that, the site also provides solutions to various problems of welding work.

Moreover, he solves various problems of welders through mail or through various social networking sites. If you have any problems with your welding machine, welding helmet, or welding generator, you can contact me.

This is not the end. Since welding is a risky job, welders often have various physical problems. We discussed their hygiene.

You can visit our blog page if you want. Or find out more about us on our Facebook page. Various questions are answered there. Moreover, you can communicate directly by mail.


Welders Helmet was founded by Dennis J. Basham, who is an ex-welding instructor at a technical college in my local area who provided Administrative services to a few hundred projects throughout his long service career. Now he wants to share his experience with our growing websites. 

He has no desire but no welder has to suffer the same problem as him. And for one reason or another, he always writes for welders.


At the beginning of his journey, Dennis J. Basham faced lots of trouble with finding the right information and guidance towards getting started, and he knows the feelings of beginners when there is no one to help!

So, Dennis J. Basham decided to share the experiences– which worked out for him and could help beginners to start their welding working.

I want to be by the side of welders for the rest of my life. This is my only hope.